Cyclone Netting is commonly used for rural fencing applications including boundary fencing, feral exclusion applications such as rabbit proofing, poultry applications and tree guards.

  1. Manufactured from 1.4mm heavy galvanised wire with 40mm aperture diamonds.
  2. 1mm twin selvedge wires along the top and bottom of the roll.

Available in sizes:

  1. 180/4/1.40​ in 50m rolls
  2. 120/4/1.40 in 50m rolls
  3. 105/4/1.40 in both 50m & 100m rolls
  4. 90/4/1.40 in both 50m & 100m rolls
  5. 60/4/1.40 in 50m rolls
  6. 30/4/1.40 in 100m rolls

The following example can be applied to all Netting sizes:
105/4/1.40: 105cm total fence height, 40mm aperture of hexagonal spacings and 1.40mm wire diameter