Horse Gate

Cyclone’s horse gate provides a durable, value for money gate solution for your equine fencing.


  1. 100mm x 50mm aperture mesh, securely attached to the interior of the gate frame. Reducing the risk of injury. 
  2. The design provides greater structural rigidity and support against horse lean, whilst also matching the aesthetic of horse rail fences.
  3. 1310mm high, the horse gate is designed for containing horses safely, providing greater visibility, discouraging jumping, and leaning.
  4. Produced from 25NB pipe with a nominal wall thickness of 2mm. Hot dipped galvanised both inside & out, improving corrosion resistance.
  5. Full notch weld construction, reducing flex and increasing strength.
  6. The tight aperture mesh reduces the risk of horse hooves getting caught.


Horse Gates


Material Description


Actual Width

Gate opening


335090 2.97m Galvanised Horse Gate (10') 1310mm 2970mm 3.0m (10') 33kg
335091 3.57m Galvanised Horse Gate (12') 1310mm 3570mm 3.6m (12') 38kg
335092 4.17m Galvanised Horse Gate (14') 1310mm 4170mm 4.2m (14') 45kg