Portable Sheep Yards

Cyclone portable sheep yards are designed to give you the flexibility of where you choose to work with your flock.  The portable yard is light weight and designed for a fast and simple erection. The Cyclone portable sheep yard comes complete with trailer which has a built in 3-way draft that forms part of the yard and can simply be towed behind a standard vehicle. Additional panels can be purchased separately if you need to increase your yard size.

Cyclone Portable Sheep yards are packed full of features:

  • Removable draw bar frame – increased safety for stock and handler.
  • Safe and simple mechanical lift.
  • Large draft gates offering excellent operator protection and 3-way draft facility - safe and versatile to use.
  • Exceptional ground clearance 32cms and vehicle coupling height - rides level even behind a 4WD.
  • 3 metre panels with “Easy drag” feet (easy to erect, easy to move) fewer panels to shift and sits securely on rough ground or uneven surfaces.
  • Double hinge on block gates fold back on fence line - allowing free movement of stock.
  • 2 x 1.8m sheeted panels on each trailer - helps sheep feed into race by utilising ‘bugle’ design.



  • Race length 1.8m
  • Draft Gates 1.0m
  • Under axle clearance 32cm

Standard Panels:

  • Length 3.0m
  • Height 940mm (to top rail)
  • 6 bar design (26.9mm OD)