Cyclone's N-Sure gates go from strength to strength.

Just a year after it made its’ new gusset feature appeared in the market, Cyclone’s N-Sure gate is still proving to be a crowd pleaser. With a long list of impressive features and benefits, and a recent range expansion, the N-Sure gate is truly a gate for almost all occasions.
The Cyclone N-Sure gate was originally developed with graduated mesh spacings to provide better security in the lower half of the gate.
Last year, Cyclone National Sales Manager Andrew Thoms mentioned the issues farmers were facing, one in particular being ‘gate sag’, which is why the gusset gate was developed. As Cyclone traditionally supplied gates in sizes ranging from 8’ to 16’, it was commonly seen that the gates on the larger end of the scale were facing this issue.

To combat this issue, Mr Thoms states how Cyclone improved the design of the N-Sure gate.

We’ve added top and bottom gussets to the N-Sure, made from 3mm hot dipped galvanised steel plate, which increases the vertical load carrying capacity at the free swinging end of the gate”.
Mr Thoms continued on to mention the financial benefits the new design could have for the everyday farmer when choosing a gate suitable for their property and stock.
“These enhancements will also increase the gate’s ability to absorb downward pressure from larger livestock rubbing on the gate, which is going to mean less maintenance and a longer life for the gate, saving both time and money.”
In addition to this innovation, 2016 brought on more demand for product innovation.

Major consumer demand called for a larger N-Sure gate, causing Cyclone to release the 18’ and 20’ N-Sure gates to the market.

Mr Thoms says "Cyclone are constantly working towards making our products suitable for all levels of farmers. From the large scale properties to the upcoming hobby farmers; Cyclone has you covered".




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