The Cyclone gate range is arguably one of the most popular products within the Cyclone range, and its newest addition to the range, the N-Sure® gate has just received enhancements that will allow farmers complete flexibility when it comes to gate solutions for their properties.

The enhancement, a subtle change in the design to make the N-Sure range compatible with brooker hinges, will allow the gate range to be hung using almost any combination of gate hardware available in the market today.

“We understand the importance of a gate being universal with “hanging” methods for our customers, so we have re-engineered our top selling Cyclone N-Sure gate range specifically to be compatible with Brooker Hinges. This is a significant development in the evolution of N-Sure and has been driven directly on feedback from our valued customer base and it will allow our customers even more flexibility than they previously had”, said National Sales Manager Andrew Thoms.

The Cyclone N-Sure gate is a strong ‘multi-purpose’ rural gate. Its design comprises of a welded 25NB brace and frame together with a graduated welded mesh insert, making N-Sure one of the strongest gates in the range. The pipe used in Cyclone’s N-Sure gate frame and brace is hot dipped galvanised both inside and out providing good corrosion resistance. 
N-Sure Brooker Hinge
The welded mesh insert features graduated horizontal wires which increase the density of strands in the lower part of the gate, specifically designed to prevent breach of the gate by livestock (smaller and infant animals) and deter feral pests such as foxes. N-Sure is also available in both left and right hand side configurations, for added flexibility.

Mr Thoms also hi-lighted the potential benefits to distribution in stocking the N-Sure range.

“There is a great opportunity here for distributors who want a ‘one-stop-shop’ gate product that will suit the varied needs of the market and at the same time allow them to keep their SKU’s down and ultimately save on inventory costs,” he said.

Mr Thoms added that this was an exciting time for the Cyclone brand and its range of fencing products.

“As the Australian farming industry continues to evolve, we are focussing our efforts on really listening to the changing needs of that market and as a result we have some exciting things in the pipeline, all with the end goal of adding value for our customers,” he said.

Caption - Cyclone's N-Sure gate is now Brooker Hinge compatible.

Cyclone N-Sure Gate Range Now Brooker Hinge Compatible

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