Vertical Brace

  • The Cyclone vertical brace gate is a versatile ‘value for money’ rural gate.
  • Welded mesh insert features graduated horizontal wires which increase the density of the strands in the lower part of the gate.
  • Produced from 25NB hot dipped galvanised pipe, with a wall thickness of 2mm, and mesh spacing graduating from 32mm at the bottom of the gate, to a maximum of 100mm at the upper part of the gate (5mm wire thickness).
  • Welded collar attached at hinge end to increase compatibilty with a broader range of gate hardware, including brooker hinges.
  • The pipe used in the gate frame and brace is hot dipped galvanised both inside and out providing corrosion resistance.
  • Each MOQ packed with both left and right hand side configurations and palletised for safer and easier handling.

Available in sizes from:

  • 2.37m wide (8 foot)
  • 2.97m wide (10 foot)
  • 3.57m wide (12 foot)
  • 4.17m wide (14 foot)
  • 4.77m wide (16 foot)